Saen Higgins

Sean Higgins headshot 214x300 Saen HigginsSaen Higgins is a self-made multi-millionaire who inspires audiences around the globe with his wealth building strategies. Saen’s beginnings were humble, but he turned things around by having a successful career as a stockbroker. In 1994, Saen began investing in Tax Lien certificates. Within two years he became America’s leading expert on the subject, using these relatively unknown investment strategies that offer a state mandated return of anywhere between 18-24%. At age 31, his tax lien certificate business employed 67 people and generated millions of dollars in revenue. By 1996, Saen was speaking to audiences all over the United States, sharing his knowledge about how to make money using his investment know-how.
Saen has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of individuals around the world using his results-proven wealth-building strategies. He is a dynamic, energizing, and inspiring speaker sharing his time-tested principles and processes that have made tens of millions of dollars for his students and him.

Bottom-line? Saen’s THE leading authority on creating, sustaining, and growing wealth in any market or economy.