Home Study Course
The proprietary home study course will provide you with the education to invest in property tax liens and deeds like a pro.  The course offers you the convenience of setting your own schedule.  You can learn right from your own home or office.  The course includes extensive written materials and audio cd’s that walk you through the process of investing in tax liens and deeds.  The Tax Lien home study course is much more than just book and audio lessons.  Your course includes unlimited phone and Internet support from our highly qualified tax lien team.  We will also include one year of access to the exclusive Protégé Program, which consists of semimonthly teleconferences with the company’s founders Saen Higgins and Tony Martinez.

Ultimate Research Tool & Training
The URT is a dynamic online solution designed to facilitate and expedite your tax lien and deed research activities.  Imagine a website where you can download a tax sale list and then do each of the 14 research steps all in one place, that one place is the URT.  The URT will save you countless hours and eliminate the frustration of searching site after site for information pertaining to the property that you are researching.  Once you have access to the URT you will enjoy the convenience of having the full research database at your fingertips, 24/7from any computer that has Internet access.

Field Training
The three-day tour is an action packed hands on learning experience.  The students will travel to Las Vegas, Nevada where they will spend three days working hand in hand with the Tax Lien Teams’ top instructors.

On day one each student will work with the instructors to research and invest in a tax lien certificate.  Investing in a tax lien certificate is a vital part of the field tour.  If a student fails to invest in a tax lien certificate by 5:00 pm on day one they will be sent home.

On day two we take the students out into the field.  The first stop is the Clark County, Nevada county office buildings where the students will learn how the process of tax liens and deeds work from the inside.  Following a tour of the County Assessor and Recorder’s office the students will spend four hours in a computer lab.  During the computer lab students will learn step by step how to use all of the resources the Internet has to offer for tax lien and deed investment.  Following the computer lab the tour will continue back into the field where the students will view actual tax lien properties.

On Day three the focus will be on tax deeds.  Students will learn how capitalize on the high profit potential of tax deeds.  The instructors will give the students hands on guidance on how to research and invest in tax deed properties.  The students will also learn powerful exit strategies’ that will maximize their profits.

One-on-One Onsite Training
The 1 on 1 mentoring program is the ultimate leaning and training opportunity for our students.  The Tax Lien Team’s most experienced mentor will travel to the student’s home, office, or at the student’s request a live auction to personally work with the student on their investments.  Once the mentoring session is complete the mentor will continue to work with the student via phone and the Internet to make sure that all of the students needs are met form that point forward.

Qualified Retirement Plan
The Qualified Retirement Plan (QRP) is section of the IRS code that allows Americans to save their money earned in a tax deferred basis at an immediate gain of 25% to 40% return on money contributed.  It is the ideal tool to manage your retirement.  You have complete control of what your plan has a choice of investing in.  If you want to take control of your investing, this is the tool that you need.

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